Naruto has been an immensely popular anime and manga, and now the Ninja RPG allows anyone to take part in this world! The Ninja RPG is a game based off Naruto, and allows the users to do everything from live in a village with a leader, or Kage, join Anbu squads, battle enemy ninja, and even develop jutsu! One of the features of the Ninja RPG is known as raiding, an essential part of life as a ninja!
The Ninja RPG has evolved a lot in the last year, but one thing has always remained the same, raiding! Raiding is a way in which you as a ninja and member of your village can serve your Kage by attacking enemy ninja. By raiding you’ll earn points for your village, build up a reputation as a fierce ninja, get bounties placed on your head, and weaken enemy villages.

So what exactly is raiding? Well in short, it is exactly what it sounds like, one or more ninja attacking an enemy camp, or village for personal gain. By raiding other villages in the Ninja RPG you’ll earn points for your village which can be used by your Kage to purchase upgrades for all ninjas residing in your village. One major bonus of raiding is that the points eared can be used towards purchasing extra regeneration points for every ninja, which of course translates into more training potential, which means a village full of stronger ninja!

Of course there are other, more personal reasons for raiding, like revenge and renown. In the Ninja RPG if a particular village makes you mad, kills a friend of yours, or just gets to be a bit big headed, raiding will knock them down a peg or two! The more ninja you kill in one village the weaker the overall status of that village becomes, and of course it just really feels good to stick it to someone whom you have a personal vendetta with.

Another aspect of raiding can earn you renown and respect. If you’re a good raider or if you’re a valuable asset to a raiding party you’ll be respected in your own village, and feared in others. The more ninja you kill in the Ninja RPG the more people may want you dead, so you might just have a decent sized bounty place on your head! No worries though, the higher your bounty is reflects just how deadly you really are! It’s really quite an experience knowing that your name rounds out the top ten in an enemy villages Bingo Book.

As with anything in the Ninja RPG you have to keep in mind that whatever you can do, so can other ninja! So raiding is something that can, and will happen to your village, you just have to make sure you’re prepared. At anytime, while you’re awake in your home village you can “Scout” the area to see if any enemy ninja have infiltrated your boarders. If they have, and you think you have what it takes to put up a fight, attack them and save the weak! Drive those enemy raiders back to their own country, and save the integrity of your village. Then go and attack the village the perpetrators just came from! After all, turnabout is fair play.

Raiding in the Ninja RPG offers yet another unique experience that reflects the life of ninja like those found in the Naruto series. Assembling raiding parties and attacking enemy villages, seeking out specific targets, living and serving your Kage, what could be better? So go ahead and check out the Ninja RPG and get to it! Start your ninja career off right and support your fellow villagers, get out there and fight! Avenge your comrades, earn points, take care of offenders, and work towards the common goal of making your village the most powerful in all the land. The most powerful and respected village in the Ninja RPG.