“World of Warcraft: Cataclysm” – Story Elements & Gameplay Tweaks Impressions

Deathwing the Destroyer is here and nothing but the tragedy is to come. It’s time for World of Warcraft players to take up their swords and face this new challenge. I have to admit, I was pretty excited after suffering disappointment from Wrath of the Lich King. Let me go no further without saying that Cataclysm is the worthy successor to Burning Crusade that we’ve all been waiting for.

Story-wise, Cataclysm gets you hyped early on but is ultimately a bit disappointing. The premise of the repeated disasters and the coming of the great ‘cataclysm’ draws you in almost right away. You’re interested in seeing just what is at the root of all this turmoil and want to aid your allies in bringing it to an end. However, what you get in the end is too cliched for RPGs. For World of Warcraft gamers that have never touched a sophisticated console RPG, the twists and turns of the Cataclysm story will appear fresh. Though anyone with a gaming degree beyond MMORPGs, it will be a ride that’s all too familiar.

On the plus side, it’s nice to be able to use flying mounts in the old zones- though it felt like something that should have been taken care of before. The new quests (numbering over 3500) have certainly given World of Warcraft players a lot to do. I am a bit bothered by the new PC requirements- as I feel the content upgrade doesn’t quite justify the jump. While Goblin isn’t the most appealing new race, the introduction of Worgen is an awesome addition- potentially my new main. There are a few questionable changes to the game- the Talent System tweaks are a bit in left field. I never really found myself getting upset by the changes, but I did ultimately wonder what the reasoning for some of them was- namely some of the PVP decisions.

Under the hood, there’s been a lot of gameplay tweaks that I’m appreciative of. While rogues are still too broken for my liking, it is nice that the healing classes got some overdue improvements. A number of the system tweaks and refinements in Cataclysm have been long-requested and are a relief to finally have. While I don’t particularly find the PVP additions that interesting, I am very happy with the Raid upgrades. For World of Warcraft players put-off by Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm is the cure to what ails you.

What in the World of Warcraft is Blizzcon?

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the dates of its upcoming Blizzcon 2008 gaming convention in Anaheim, California, at the Anaheim Convention Center. The makers of World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo have planned a two-day event to be held on October 10th and 11th. Tickets, which are $100, went on sale on August 11.
According to Kotaku, the run on tickets created errors on the Blizzard.com website where the tickets are being sold. Tickets for the convention are expected to sell quickly.

Why Is There Such A Demand For Blizzcon 2008 Tickets?

In the gaming world, not many franchises come even close to being compared to World of Warcraft. The popular game boasts the largest online gaming community, estimated in the millions, in the world. For gaming fans and experts, conventions like Blizzcon 2008 are a way to mingle with other gamers, cosplayers, and game creators. Conventions are also where game companies try out their developing wares, show off their best products, and often announce and/or debut their next big thing.

Blizzcon is no different. This year’s convention, Macworld.com tells us, will have costume contests (for those into dressing like their favorite characters from World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games), a songwriting competition, a dance contest, a motivational poster contest, a diorama contest, and gaming competitions for Warcraft III and World of Warcraft players. Top prize in the latter will be $25,000 per player.

Everyone who attends Blizzcon 2008 will also receive a goodie bag, which usually contains some pretty valuable merchandise. At last year’s Blizzcon, the goodie bag held a plastic key that Blizzard Entertainment revealed (ten months later, in July 2008) was a beta key to the forthcoming Wrath of the Lich King, the latest installment of the World of Warcraft saga.

So, for those who are into gaming, Blizzcon 2008 tickets can turn out to be quite valuable indeed.

Other Gaming Conventions

Blizzcon is not the only annual gaming event. For those out of the gamer loop and just thought that “South Park’s” spoof on World of Warcraft was just strangely amusing, there’s an entire real world out there full of people who spend most of their time in a virtual world setting. During their spare time, they attend conventions like Blizzcon 2008.

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is one of those conventions. Penny Arcade Expo is a more general convention (Blizzcon is dedicated to Blizzard Entertainment games) and is attended by companies and gamers of various game genres. The PAX 08 schedule consists of gaming heavyweights like Electronic Arts, Sony, Harmonix, Microsoft, Nintendo and dozens of others. It’s fifth incarnation is being held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington on August 27, 28, 29, 2008. Attending for a day will cost $30; a three-day ticket costs $50.

Another gaming convention — and undoubtedly the most famous — is the E3 convention. Held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles on July 13-17, the Electionic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an annual presentation by the Electronic Software Association and has been invitation only for the past two years. Previously, gamers and industry companies mingled at the gaming convention, where upwards of 60,000 people attended. The event is now open only to gaming companies and those associated with the industry. But E3 is a where the companies come to show off their new stuff and unveil what’s new. It is the singlemost watched event in the gaming industry.

And there are many others: Quakecon, Gen Con Indy (and its sister, Gen Con UK), Pacificon. Unlike E3, all of the other gaming conventions are open to the public. Gaming forums are also quite popular at comic book and science fiction/fantasy conventions as well. DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia hosts the largest multimedia event in the United States and dedicates part of its layout to gaming enthusiasts. So, if tickets to Blizzcon 2008 are unavailable, there are plenty other conventions to assuage the disappointment.

Weapons that Boost Prayer Skill in Runescape

In the free mmorpg game of Runescape, millions of people play. There are two dozen or so skills that you can level up in the game, one of which is Prayer. While you will be burying bones for upping your skills mostly, there are some weapons that will give you a slight boost in prayer skill if you know where to look. These are some of the weapons that will add to your prayer skill.
One Prayer Point

Bronze Maces and Iron Maces are two that one can get from Flynn’s Maces. Both of these will up your skill in the Prayer ability by a point.

The White Knight Armory has “white” quality level daggers, short swords, long swords, magic staffs, battleaxes, claws, two handed swords, and halberds. They too will up your Prayer skill by a point.

Two Prayer Points

The Steel Mace from Flynn’s Maces will give you an extra 2 prayer points. The Black Mace, that is a drop by the dark warriors, will also give you an extra 2 prayer points.

Three Prayer Points

The White Knight Armory has these “white” quality level items to raise your prayer skill three points; a mace, a warhammer, and a scimitar.

The Mithril Mace and the Adamant Mace from Flynn’s Maces will also give three prayer skill points when wielded.

Four Prayer Points

The Champion’s Guild has a Rune Mace that will give your Prayer abilities an additional boost of four points.

After the player completes the Runescape quest of “Another Slice of H.A.M.” you can get the Ancient Mace. This will give you an additional four points to your Prayer skill.

Five Prayer Points

If you go to TzHaar to the TzHaar-Hur-Tel’s Equipment Store you will be able to get a Toktz-mej-tal that will boost the Prayer skill five points.

In the Heroes Guild you are able to get a Dragon Mace. This mace will also boost the ability of Prayer by five points.

Completing the quest of “Priest in Peril” will give you the Wolfbane Dagger as a reward. This dagger boosts the prayer skill five prayers.

Six Prayer Points

There is a level 2 Treasure Trail reward called a Crozier. This will give you a boost of six prayer points if you already have a 60 in Prayer.

A Barrows reward option is the Verac’s Flail. This gives six points as a boost to prayer too.

As you can see there are several weapons in the game of Runescape that can enhance your Prayer ability. Which will you decide to wield?

Raiding in the Ninja RPG

Naruto has been an immensely popular anime and manga, and now the Ninja RPG allows anyone to take part in this world! The Ninja RPG is a game based off Naruto, and allows the users to do everything from live in a village with a leader, or Kage, join Anbu squads, battle enemy ninja, and even develop jutsu! One of the features of the Ninja RPG is known as raiding, an essential part of life as a ninja!
The Ninja RPG has evolved a lot in the last year, but one thing has always remained the same, raiding! Raiding is a way in which you as a ninja and member of your village can serve your Kage by attacking enemy ninja. By raiding you’ll earn points for your village, build up a reputation as a fierce ninja, get bounties placed on your head, and weaken enemy villages.

So what exactly is raiding? Well in short, it is exactly what it sounds like, one or more ninja attacking an enemy camp, or village for personal gain. By raiding other villages in the Ninja RPG you’ll earn points for your village which can be used by your Kage to purchase upgrades for all ninjas residing in your village. One major bonus of raiding is that the points eared can be used towards purchasing extra regeneration points for every ninja, which of course translates into more training potential, which means a village full of stronger ninja!

Of course there are other, more personal reasons for raiding, like revenge and renown. In the Ninja RPG if a particular village makes you mad, kills a friend of yours, or just gets to be a bit big headed, raiding will knock them down a peg or two! The more ninja you kill in one village the weaker the overall status of that village becomes, and of course it just really feels good to stick it to someone whom you have a personal vendetta with.

Another aspect of raiding can earn you renown and respect. If you’re a good raider or if you’re a valuable asset to a raiding party you’ll be respected in your own village, and feared in others. The more ninja you kill in the Ninja RPG the more people may want you dead, so you might just have a decent sized bounty place on your head! No worries though, the higher your bounty is reflects just how deadly you really are! It’s really quite an experience knowing that your name rounds out the top ten in an enemy villages Bingo Book.

As with anything in the Ninja RPG you have to keep in mind that whatever you can do, so can other ninja! So raiding is something that can, and will happen to your village, you just have to make sure you’re prepared. At anytime, while you’re awake in your home village you can “Scout” the area to see if any enemy ninja have infiltrated your boarders. If they have, and you think you have what it takes to put up a fight, attack them and save the weak! Drive those enemy raiders back to their own country, and save the integrity of your village. Then go and attack the village the perpetrators just came from! After all, turnabout is fair play.

Raiding in the Ninja RPG offers yet another unique experience that reflects the life of ninja like those found in the Naruto series. Assembling raiding parties and attacking enemy villages, seeking out specific targets, living and serving your Kage, what could be better? So go ahead and check out the Ninja RPG and get to it! Start your ninja career off right and support your fellow villagers, get out there and fight! Avenge your comrades, earn points, take care of offenders, and work towards the common goal of making your village the most powerful in all the land. The most powerful and respected village in the Ninja RPG.

Aion – is it a Wow Killer?

I recently purchased Aion the latest and greatest mmo to hit the market, will it unseat World of Warcraft as the number one game on the net ?
I read all the hype online saw the pretty packaging the Ncsoft logo and debated if I really wanted to shell out fifty bucks for another Warcraft knockoff, knowing that Ncsoft also produced Lineage,Guild Wars, and City of Heroes had me almost convinced but the price tag was still looming large this game would sell alot better at a more reasonable price of say 39.99 or so.

In the end my curiosity got the best of me and I bit the bullet, it must have been the wings there gorgeous you have to admit, to bad you don’t get them until level ten, and come on shouldn’t they be customizable I mean this game has one of the best character creation systems I’ve seen and yet you get these one size fits all wings and flight is limited to only certain areas in the game world as is your flight time although you can gain flight skills and use potions and other things to increase it.

So I guess I’m halfway satisfied with the wings, gameplay is almost identical to Warcraft just enough differences to be able to call it something else there is a nice little twist that allows you to chain moves which I thought was cool this can also be done in Warcraft but you have to take the time to create macros to do it.

Objects and textures in the game seem a little flat to me compared to World of Warcraft and the mobs seem to be grouped together a little to tightly, they seem to be easy to run away from and will not chase you very far.

While this may be good from a leveling point of view it detracts from the feeling of immersion in the game remember Everquest when mobs would chase you through an entire zone, I use to hate that just goes to show there’s no pleasing gamers.

On the postive side the artwork itself is spectacular and a lot less cartoonish than Warcraft and I expect the objects and textures will improve by there first expansion pack.

I’d like to comment on endgame play but since I’ve only been playing for about two weeks my level twenty character isn’t likely to see endgame for awhile, however a dungeon or two would be nice more work seems to be needed in that area in my opinion.

All and all if your getting burnt out on Warcraft and looking for something new Aion might be the answer.

Is it a Warcraft killer ?

No not now anyway, but I think it’s here to stay and may be just the ticket while your waiting on the new World of Warcraft expansion.

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